How Do I Order?

Due to the high volume of orders, BTRMLK is only accepting walk-in orders at this time. Please visit us in person at 275 Wharncliffe Rd N in London Ontario.

How Long Should My Order Take?

We can make most orders within a handful of minutes, however there may a large number of orders ahead of you which will cause a delay. Please expect to wait if there are others orders ahead of yours. We do our best do get your order fresh and out as fast as possible.

Are You on Any Third-Party Ordering Apps?

We are not currently active on third-party apps due to the high volume of walk-in orders. We will be available for delivery in the future.

Can I Call and Order For Pick-Up?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting pick-up or phone orders. We may change this policy in the future. Please check our Instagram or Facebook pages for live updates.

What Are Your Hours?

We are currently open from 1pm-7pm. However, there maybe be times where we close early if we sell out of fresh product.

Is Your Meat Halal?

Yes it is! Our meat is halal and hand-slaughtered in accordance to traditional practices.

Do You Use White Meat or Dark Meat?

We love all kinds of chicken but we use white meat exclusively!

Do You Have Any Vegetarian or Gluten-Free Options?

Our specialty Mac & Cheese boxes and our Deluxe Fries are vegetarian by default! We also offer our portobello mushroom cap as a substitute for our chicken in our original sandwiches!

Do Your Recipes Contain Any Nuts?

We are a nut-free establishment. We want to make sure our customers are safe.

What Do You Fry Your Food in?

We fry with canola oil!

Are Your Sauces Made In-House?

Our BTRMLK sauce and our Honey Mustard are made from scratch!